Stepping stones to a happy soul


Get motivated: An intro to inspire.

If you’ve come to a place in your life when you realize that something has to change for the better, you have to have the motivation and willpower to make that change.

That epiphany for me was Spring 2012 when I went to a doctor’s appointment. To my horror, my documented weight at that time was 132 pounds. I froze on the scale and had difficulty processing what I just heard. I felt like I was offended and honestly, I was embarrassed. That was my peak weight. In high school, I was extremely thin. When I started college, I was at my ideal healthy weight of 120 pounds. However, I didn’t do anything to maintain my health because I thought I would always stay the same.

Until that doctor’s appointment snapped me back into reality.

How did I get so unhealthy? Well, I was in my early twenties and my weekends consisted of drinking or clubbing, and late night munchies for California burritos. I thought, “Hey girlfriend, you dance at the club for hours in those heels! That counts as cardio and a leg workout!”

Throughout 2012, I was also going through hardships and changes in my life that still affect my life today. I just wanted to take it out on happy hours with my girlfriends and claiming a very fake “I don’t give a f***” attitude. That mindset was so very wrong.

I was determined to change myself because along with being unhappy with life, I was unhappy with myself and the way I looked and felt. I needed a major attitude adjustment.

photo 3

If you’re unhappy and you think you’ve been trying change your habits, you probably aren’t changing the right things. For me, I thought I was balancing unhealthy eating habits with clubbing as a form of exercise. Yes, this may seem to work for those lucky few skinny-minnies with fast metabolisms, but let’s face it, being tiny on the outside does not equal a healthy body inside. Ever heard of “skinny-fat?”

A change for the better has to come from within and be for your well-being. PERMANENTLY. If you are only looking for a quick fix because Vegas or a vacation is coming up this weekend, that isn’t the right path to start. Starving yourself for this temporary satisfaction is not only unhealthy, but will negatively affect your body.

Ultimately, it’s about finding a balance between what you love to eat, what you love to do for fun, but still finding the time stay active and putting some work in.

photo 1

The very first step for me was to find ways to stay motivated and keep going. Here’s what I did:

  1. Buy work out clothes that are inspiring or are fun to wear. Make outfits out of these pieces and don’t lazily throw on some old clothes. You’ll feel livelier and make you want to get up and move!
  2. Follow inspiring people on social media. You will always be exposed to positivity. On Instagram and Pinterest, I would like, re-post, or follow people or photos that motivate me to become stronger, better, and to keep pushing through (such as the photo above). 
  3. Find someone to share your journey with. My cousin was in the same negative mindset as me, and we decided to keep each other on track. We shared our meals and workouts through the app, MyFitnessPal. Not only will you find more inspiration, but it creates friendly competition so you can do your best.


Disclaimer: I am not a nutritionist, professional athlete, or competing body builder, and I am not trying to convey myself as one. I am a normal 20-something that is sharing my personal health and fitness journey and advice. This is what worked for me from the very beginning and what works for me and my lifestyle today. It may not work perfectly for everyone, so please feel free to just take my advice for what it is and adjust according to your needs! Happy living!