Stepping stones to a happy soul

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Water is your new accessory.

From now on, keep water with you constantly, like you keep your smartphone, ipod, or wallet. Every time you take a break to check a text or browse through Instagram, take a sip or two!

(from MindBodyGreen)

  • Increases energy and relieves fatigue -it helps you focus and concentrate.
  • Promotes weight loss- it boosts metabolism, is a natural appetite suppressant, and by drinking water before meals, it helps with over eating.
  • Great for skin- it keeps skin moisturized, glowing, and may help with wrinkles.

What’s your excuse to not keep water with you at all times?

1. It’s too expensive to buy bottled water all the time.

Then don’t buy it! There are water filters that you can attach to your faucet, or even a water filter pitcher. Brita has a wide range of faucet or pitcher filters that will fit any budget. Prices for these products range from $12 to $50.

Brita’s Slim water pitcher is “compact, perfect for use at home, work, or in the dorm.”

2. Water is so plain, it’s boring to drink. I want some flavor.

There are many ways to boost plain old water. For added flavor, lemon slices, herbs, or other fruit have been a recent popular trend in boosting water’s health benefits.

3. I don’t want to keep going to the bathroom.

Why not? It may not be the best during long road trips. But by constantly drinking water and going to the bathroom, your body is being cleansed as it flushes out toxins. If you’re going to the bathroom and you see yellow in the toilet, you’re probably dehydrated. Drink more water until you’re in the clear!

Remember, keep water with you as much as you keep your cellphone with you!